An envelope – a common packaging item designed to contain a flat object, such as a letter, invitation or card.   Usually made of thin flat paper but also available in crepe paper, handmade paper, fine coloured paper and white bond.

We stock a wide range of sizes and colours to suit your occasion.  And of course we have ‘accessories’ to go with your envelopes to add the special touch.  The ready-made jute cords are a favourite!

Our envelope size range:

Mini square 45mm X 45mm
C7 110mm X 75mm
Small square v-shape 125mm X 125mm
Small square straight  (bond only) 125mm X 125mm
Large square v-shape 150mm X 150mm
Large square straight (bond only) 148mm X 148mm
Small clover 120mm X 120mm
Large clover 150mm X 150mm
C6 straight (bond only) 114mm X 162mm
C6 v–shape 110mm X 155mm
C6 straight 107mm X 150mm
C6 straight 110mm X 160mm
DL v-shape 110mm X 220mm
DL straight 125mm x 220mm
DL straight (bond only) 110mm x 220mm
C5 v-shape 230mm x 162mm
C5 straight (bond only) 229mm X 162mm
C4 215mm x 305mm