Custom Made Stamps

Creating wax seals that say, what you are holding took time and care, patience and deliberation. The value in that is irreplaceable.  …And that is why our favourite is all the custom wax stamps we do for weddings, corporate invitations and special occasions.

The classic wax stamp…A smooth wooden handle and solid brass head.  When doing custom designs, logos, family crest, etc we use the wooden handle stamp as the head size has a bigger range.  The size ranges from 20mm – 50mm and then the unique 25mm square stamp head.

How does it work?  We require an enlarged (ideally A4 in size) high-quality, black and white image of the design or logo you would like on your stamp.  PDF format is preferred, please.  That image is then scanned, touched up, and engraved onto the stamp head size of your choice.  We will send you the final artwork for approval before we do the engraving.  Have a look at the artwork guidelines for examples of what we mean.  

For a monogram or initials stamp, you select the letters you would like to have together (maximum 3 letters) as well as the stamp head size – we will then send you different font designs to choose from.

Remember that if the size of your stamp head is say, 30mm in diameter, your actual wax seal will be about 35mm.  This also depends on how much wax you have used.

We are happy to assist you with any artwork if needed.  A fee of R 550.00 ex. vat will be charged for any redrawing of logos.  Please add this option to your order before checking out.

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Family crest
Corporate logo