Die Cut Gift Boxes

Ideal to use for small gifts, wedding favors, thank you gifts, etc.  Filled with shredded crepe paper they can be beautifully presented to your client and guests.

The fine board die cut gift boxes are available are white, cream, black, red, pink and blue in our online store and packed in packets of 5.  Should you require another colour this will be made to order and price will vary based on colour and quantity.

Available sizing:

  • Small Knick Knack Box 70mm X 45mm X 25mm
  • Large Knick Knack Box 90mm X 70mm X 25mm
  • Extra Large Knick Knack Box 200mm X 195mm X 75mm
  • Heart Box 90mm X 90mm X 15mm
  • Butterfly Box 70mm X 40mm X 35mm
  • Clover Box 90mm X 90mm X 90mm
  • Clover Box 110mm X 110mm X 110mm
  • Scroll Box 200mm X 50mm X 50mm
  • Gift Box 120mm X 70mm X 35mm
  • Gift Box 120mm X 90mm X 35mm
  • Gift Box 120mm X 125mm X 35mm
  • Gift Box 190mm X 120mm X 85mm
  • Gift Box 245mm X 190mm X 85mm
  • Cd Box 130mm X 145mm X 15mm
  • Gift Box 120mm X 60mm X 25mm
  • Square Box 150mm X 150mm X 150mm
  • Dvd Box 155mm X 225mm X 20mm
  • A4 Box / Folder 220mm X 305mm X 30mm
  • Wine Bottle Box 280mm X 340mm X 90mm